How It All Started Out…

  • 20180420_103431My journey started on March 2017. The kids were super excited, I might have been a bit too because they were happy. It was their first time traveling too.

Everyone bid us goodbye and wished the best for us (me, my daughter and son). We were on our flight from Montego Bay to Fort Lauderdale.

Well since I’m writing this you can assumed we landed safely. Life as I knew would change for better well that’s what I had hoped for. But who knows what the future holds,right?

I had spent a couple of weeks in Florida with friends and family then I decided to move on to another state. My cousin picked us up from the airport it California, it was all fun excitement as we have not seen each other from the summer of 2010. She is or should I say was like a sister to me.

After a couple of weeks all the love and happiness disappeared. The happy family we had changed, sometimes I say to myself maybe it’s the stress that we carried (me and the kids) changed everything so quickly. I became the housewife of the family. I started getting frustrated just been stuck in the house, performing my daily duties of sleeping, eating, babysitting, making sure the house was clean and a cooked meal was prepared. I however did not complain as I knew time is the master of all things.

Well I must say my cousin told me from earlier the nursing field was my best bet. Of course I came here with not much money (I had friends and family who helped out tremendously when they could). So we became dependent on her (my cousin) both me and the kids. She offered to pay for my schooling until I started working I would repay her. In the U.S.A. one has to have credit to do anything. In order for me to have gotten credit she added me to her card. As we would say back home (Jamaica) Boom! I have credit! Good credit too I must say!

After couple weeks, finished school did exams and started my applications for jobs. It seemed hopeless at first but after couple weeks I got job offers that I was not even able to fill. Give thanks to God!

My first journey has come to a pause join me soon for the continuation.


  1. It started long before the first plane flight , it started from that little town in Jamaica West Indies to me…the struggles are real but you’re a fighter

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